Best 2024 NFL Draft fits for Arizona football OL alum Jordan Morgan

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. . . 2. . SF. 42. Round 1, pick 31. .

Stalwart left tackle Trent Williams isn't getting any younger as the seasons go by, and Morgan may be just the man that the San Francisco 49ers need.

Trent Williams
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GM John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan have to start thinking ahead to the 11-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro's retirement as age 36 looms large. If it doesn't come next offseason, it certainly will within the two that follow it.

Last year's right tackle, Colton McKivitz, struggled quite a bit at times and has some guard flexibility, so the 49ers may look to kick the recently-extended former fifth round pick inside in favor of getting Morgan on the field for developmental snaps at right tackle.

Most importantly, this landing spot would allow him to avoid the fate that befell some other highly-touted players out of Arizona like KaDeem Carey and Trung Canidate: landing on a bad team where his role was redundant. Morgan landing with the 49ers would put him on a contending team that actually needs his services.