Projecting Arizona Football's starting lineup in 2024

Arizona v Arizona State
Arizona v Arizona State / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Though there will be a few major changes occurring via the NCAA Transfer portal and the 2024 NFL Draft, Arizona Football and new head coach Brent Brennan have done an otherwise remarkable job with retaining players at key positions for 2024. With the transfer portal entry window now closed and the spring edition of National Signing Day in the rearview, it's a safe enough time to project the starting lineup on each side of the ball.

Thankfully, the vast majority of the projected starters are simply retaining their roles from last year. Quarterback, offensive line, wide receiver, and safety haven't been areas with much reason to be concerned at all. However, the defensive line and running back rooms are looking a little bit more murky. Spring practice will make these positional groups much clearer.

Let's get into who the 25 expected starters will be, and who some of them could lose the starting spot to.