Arizona Wildcats in the NBA Update


We are halfway through the NBA season and 11 former Arizona Wildcats are on NBA rosters, and one former player is in the D-League, but has been back and forth with his NBA squad. Arizona may have the second most players, from the Pac-12, in the NBA right now, but the stats from these guys are not pretty. Only five of the 12 players are averaging more than seven points a game and most guys are only playing in the 20-minute range. Also, only five of these players team’s would be in the playoffs, if the season ended today, and two are on the same team, so it has not been a banner year for the Wildcat alumni, or their teams. Here is a quick update:

*Warning: It’s ugly

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Jordan Hill– Los Angeles Lakers

Hill is enjoying his best year as an NBA player, but on a rough team. His Lakers are in straight rebuilding mode, but Hill is making the best of it by being productive in his 28 minutes per game.

Stats: 12.4 ppg and 7.9 rpg in 41 games (41 starts)

Team Record: 12-29 (14th in the West, 11.5 games back of the 8 seed)

Solomon Hill– Indiana Pacers

Hillx2 is playing a lot for the Pacers and is having a pretty solid sophomore season. His stats aren’t anything crazy, but he has been consistent all season long and is getting better every game, averaging over 30 minutes per game.

Stats: 10.0 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 2.3 apg in 42 games (41 starts)

Team Record: 15-27 (11th in the East, 1.5 games back of the 8 seed)

Channing Frye– Orlando Magic

Frye left the Suns, and bolted for Orlando, in the offseason, and it has not gone as planned. He has struggled to produce on a team that is still far away from contending.

Stats: 7.9 ppg and 4.8 rpg in 42 games (32 starts)

Team Record: 15-28 (12th in the East, 3 games back of the 8 seed)

Jason Terry– Houston Rockets

In his 15th season, “The Jet”, is about to finally land. He is at the end of his career and is only playing about 20 minutes a game for the Rockets. However, he is still showing some flashes that he has some left in the tank.

Stats: 7.7 ppg, 1.6 rpg, 1.4 apg in 38 games (4 starts)

Team Record: 28-13 (4th in the West, 5.5 games back of the 1 seed)

Jerryd Bayless– Milwaukee Bucks

Bayless is simply a rotation player who comes in to give the starters a blow and hopes to provide a nice spark off the bench. He averages about 20 minutes a game and usually never does anything that will cost the Bucks a game.

Stats: 7.5 ppg, 2.7 apg, and 2.1 rpg in 39 games (1 start)

Team Record: 21-19 (5th seed in the East, 11.5 games back of the 1 seed)

Derrick Williams– Sacramento Kings

DWill is continuing the disappointing start to his NBA career this season with the Kings. He is barely getting on the court, so his numbers are not for the faint of heart.

Stats: 6.9 ppg and 2.7 rpg in 35 games (3 starts)

Team Record: 16-24 (12th in the West, 7 games back of the 8 seed)

Jan 17, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Andre Iguodala (9) shoots during the third quarter against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Iguodala– Golden State Warriors

Iggy is enjoying his least productive year in the NBA, but is a huge piece, off the bench, for the best team in the NBA. He provides some nice energy and play for the Warriors and, as usual, is providing great defense for the GSW.

Stats: 6.6 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 3.1 apg in 37 games (0 starts)

Team Record: 32-6 (1st seed in the West, best record in the NBA)

Aaron Gordon– Orlando Magic

It has not been the rookie year Gordon imagined, as the forward has only been on the court for 11 games, due to an injured foot. He is expected to be back in the lineup shortly, though.

Stats: 5.8 ppg, 3.0 rpg in 11 games (0 starts)

Team Record: 15-28 (12th in the East, 3 games back of the 8 seed)

Richard Jefferson– Dallas Mavericks

Jefferson is only averaging about 15 minutes a game for the Mavs, but provides some nice scoring off the bench, every once in a while. He is way past his glory days, but still has the ability to get the ball through the hoop.

Stats: 5.3 ppg and 2.4 rpg in 36 games (2 starts)

Team Record: 28-13 (5th seed in the West, 5 games back of the 1 seed)

Chase Budinger– Minnesota Timberwolves

Buddinger has played in most of the Twolves games this year, but is not averaging very many minutes. He has only missed six games, but is only averaging 15 minutes per game and has not been very productive.

Stats: 4.8 ppg and 2.6 rpg in 33 games (3 starts)

Team Record: 7-32 (last in the West, 15.5 games back of the 8 seed)

Nick Johnson– Houston Rockets

Johnson has been up and down with the Rockets during his rookie season. He has been up in the NBA, as recently as January 2, but is currently in the D-League, playing for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

Stats: 3.2 ppg and 1.4 rpg in 17 games (0 starts)

Team Record: 28-13 (4th in the West, 5.5 games back of the 1 seed)

Grant Jerrett– Oklahoma City Thunder

He finally made his NBA debut, in November, but has not played much since then.

Stats: 1.8 ppg and 1.0 rpg in 4 games (0 starts)

Team Record: 19-20 (10th in the West, 3.5 games back of the 8 seed)

So, as you can see, it is not pretty, There are some bright spots, though, like the two Hill’s who are being productive, but it is still a little disappointing to see such bland stats and teams for all of these Arizona alumni. Hopefully, the second half of the season is better to the Arizona Wildcat alumni.

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