Arizona Wildcats Basketball Travels to Washington; Jackson-Cartwright Still Recovering


Arizona Wildcats Basketball: Parker Jackson-Cartwright suffered a concussion during the Oregon game, will he return for the Washington Road trip?

Arizona Wildcat’s Basketball team backup point guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright did not practice last week before the game and was still hoping to play against rival Arizona State. The sad fact was that he had not yet recovered from a major concussion which came from a blow off the elbow of the Duck’s Dillon Brooks in the game against Oregon a couple of weeks ago.

Elliot Pitts explained his dilemma, via the Arizona Daily Star, “He wants to get back more than anyone…our training staff is handling it well and they aren’t going to throw him into practice too early, so they are going to do what’s best for him.”

Coach Sean Miller said he was not sure if Jackson-Cartwright would even make the trip to Washington this week with the Wildcats, adding that he must be symptom free and pass a concussion recovery test before he turns. Jackson-Cartwright has not practiced since the injury.

Jackson-Cartwright needs to be symptom free and pass the concussion test per Coach Sean Miller.  Best thing that can happen here is for him to pass the test and be ready for the Washington road trip but he could just as easily stay in Tucson and continue to recuperate.  If there was ever a road trip to take the time to stay home and rest, one would think this would be it.

Having Jackson-Cartwright last week could have definitely helped the team. Looking back, there are also other issues and concerns the team has to solve and improve on.  T.J. McConnell felt the team had played badly, and needed to be better on defense.

There was a lot of talk from the fans on social media about Kaleb Tarczweski during the game, wondering what the coach’s game plan was for him. It seemed to me he was trying to stay out of foul trouble, not playing as aggressive as we are accustomed to seeing and enjoying. His coach also gave us a little insight into Tarczweski’s performance against the Sun Devils last week,

"“Kaleb is blocking out. I’d like for him to get more rebounds, but that is going on. Where his struggles are now are on offense, catching the ball, finishing, having confidence and I think he’s lost some confidence but I believe he can get his confidence back and it’s up to us as a coaching staff to help him get that confidence back.”"

The Arizona Wildcats face the Washington Huskies on Friday February 13, and the Washington State Cougars on Sunday February 15th, possibly without Jackson-Cartwright, but most definitely with something to prove.  They have been perfect playing at neutral sites (4-4), but playing away games on another team’s court, they are 4-7 or 57% of the time they win.

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Washington is in the middle of a 5 game losing streak; their record is 3-8 in conference play and 14-9 overall.  Comparing the season stats between the two teams, Arizona looks like the clear winner for Friday night’s contest.

Arizona is still at the top of the Pac-12, ranked No. 1 in conference and dropped one to being ranked No. 7 nationally. Their overall record is 20-3.  Arizona fans need to let that sink in before they take to social media and “lose it” in 140 characters or less.  Maybe reviewing the standings will help, they are as follows:

Pac-12 Conference Standings per

  1. Arizona               8-2 (20-3)
  2. Utah                  8-2 (18-4)
  3. Oregon                7-4 (17-7)
  4. Stanford              7-4 (16-7)
  5. Oregon State       7-4 (16-7)
  6. UCLA                  6-5 (14-10)
  7. CAL                   5-6 (15-9)
  8. Arizona St.           4-6 (12-11)
  9. Colorado             4-6 (11-11)
  10. Washington St   4-7 (10-13)
  11. Washington         3-8 (14-9)
  12. USC                   1-10 (9-14)

A message to Parker from the @ZonaZealots: Arizona Wildcat Nation hopes you have a speedy recovery, your health is the most important thing to concern yourself with, we miss you a lot and we hope you get better really soon! #BEARDOWN!