10 Things Arizona Wildcats Fans Hate About ASU


We made a short list of the top ten things every Arizona Wildcats fan has grown to utterly dislike through the course of our heated rivalry with the school up north, enjoy!

Students and fans alike have a list in the back of their minds of the things that they just cannot stand about their rival Arizona State Sun Devils. We asked an Arizona alumni from the class of 2013 what she didn’t like about the Sun Devils, and her response was typical and classic at the same time, “Everything, absolutely everything. There isn’t one thing I like about the Sun Devils and their fans.” Well, there you have it.

There are a bunch of things that the Sun Devils can’t stand about Wildcats too, but who cares?

Here we go…

No. 10: Adidas –

It is like somehow the Sun Devils feel like they found a loophole into the mastery of athletic funding.  Sorry, you’re still in the red and while a slight boost in annual income and about 1,000 more uniform combinations that make you “feel good’ may seem ideal, in the end it doesn’t produce wins!

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No. 9: ASU –

School President Michael M. Crow- During Bobby Hurley’s introductory news conference was asked about the UA-ASU rivalry.  President Crow thought it would be a great opportunity to not only point out the reporter asking the question was from ASU but that they had won 9 out of the last 17 games versus the Wildcats since 2008.  Wait, WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?! Yep, like for serious!

Never mind the fact that Arizona is 146-82 all-time versus the Devils! Never Mind that ASU never has and I do mean NEVER won a conference title in Men’s basketball!  Forget all that, the thing to pay attention too is how the SCHOOL PRESIDENT was trying to throw shade at one of the premier basketball institutions in college basketball.

Classy is how classy does, and you’d never see President Ann Weaver Hart dropping useless bits of randomness to make U of A look good.  She never needs to because she already knows how great a school she has.  By the way, how’d that season opener against Sacramento State work out for you?

No. 8: Always Overhyped Forever Underachieve –

Every year is ‘the year’ and every year ‘is the best team ASU has ever produced.’  Do me a favor and save all the accolades for the end of the season banquet circuit, and then talk.  ASU has flashes of great games here and there, but they are no different than the U of A beating a top 10 team seemingly once every year.

Do the Wildcats come into the next season and say they are now the greatest team ever? Of course not!  There are expectations, and there is reality…one of us has the latter.

No. 7:  People are rude in Tempe –

Everywhere you go it is like someone pee’d in their Cheerios.  It is a constant dirty look here and a salty attitude there that makes ASU fit right into that disgruntled community.  We don’t know, maybe it’s the mountains that keep us calm down here in Tucson, who knows!

No. 6:  Maroon and Gold –

No one should ever wear this combination of colors…ever!  This is why, within the school, they are trying desperately to change their colors in every way possible. They have a different uniform combination every game, and none of it has the school colors!

They also say they hate U of A colors…ummm, if you hate our colors then you hate the USA’s red, white, and blue colors. You could, therefore conclude, that hating Arizona is un-American!

Black, Grey, white, copper, magenta, fuchsia, teal, off-white, their combination for the Rivalry game is a head to toe combination of Bavarian Cream and Blanched Almond, is anyone else hungry?

No. 5: ‘A’ Mountain – 

It’s not a real ‘A’ mountain because that one is here in Tucson.  A real ‘A’ Mountain doesn’t get painted on, ergo their mountain is a farce!

No. 4: Fear The Fork –

Did you know that this is a real thing? There is a fear called Oikophobia or ecophobia that is an aversion to home surroundings. There is also, Aichurophobia which is the fear of being touched by pointed objects. Unfortunately, for ASU fans, not many suffer from these fears, especially not Wildcats fans (see series record in EVERY sport)!

No. 3:  Perfect Location, Terrible Fan Support –

The thing that irks every Wildcat fan is how much ASU talks so much crap to U of A fans based on location, yet, they never do anything with theirs.  They are essentially part of the sixth largest city in the U.S. according to info.com, yet routinely fall below the exceptional line compared to other schools in similar big markets (Texas, USC, Miami).

They should be amazing but are quite the opposite, ask Cal-Poly…you almost had ‘em Mustangs; you almost had ‘em!

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No. 2:  Their Fight  Song – 

It is unbearable to listen to, and their students don’t even know the words to it!  They just clap, K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).

No. 1:  The Sun Devil –

There wasn’t a better mascot?  We get it; it is hotter there than Tucson, but there is no need to turn to Satanism!