NBA Draft City Tour: Next stop for Rawle Alkins is Toronto

Rawle Alkins name wasn’t even in the conversation when NBA Draft experts talked about players and where they would go in Mock Drafts, not so much anymore.

Arizona Basketball guard Rawle Alkins is adored by Wildcats fans, he just is. The media is attracted to him as well. Sean Miller and his staff sure know how to recruit, the NBA world is now seeing their prowess in full color.

Alkins started out with four NBA teams interested after the NBA selected him to work out at the NBA Combine last week. He has already visited Oklahoma City, worked out at the Combine coming out of it with flying colors, and today he works out with the Brooklyn Nets (Team No. 5).

The Cleveland Cavs, the New Orleans Pelicans, and the Miami Heat also want Alkins to visit their teams. But wait, there’s more!

This is where it gets interesting. Don’t exactly know how the conversation goes down, but maybe something like this?

Ring, ring, ring, ring [insert cell phone ringer of Alkins family here]……’Hello?’

‘Yes, this is the Toronto Raptors calling? We would like to see Rawle in Toronto on Wednesday, can that be arranged?’

‘Let me check, do you have a first round pick?’

‘Yes sir we do, No. 23!’

‘Okay then, we will see you in Toronto shortly.’

It seems Alkins now can dictate to NBA teams interested if he wants to visit or not, he is looking for teams with first round draft picks. The Nets have two at 22 and 27.

Today Alkins will work out with his former teammate Kobi Simmons and others like Melo Trimble in his hometown of Brooklyn.


Off on a jet plane to visit Canada in the spring. Toronto in the winter, that’s a whole different ball game, but since Alkins is from New York, it’s not much of a stretch and still close to home.

Alkins is still 50/50 on returning to Arizona, and he is keeping his cards close to his chest. Smart move, keep them guessing, in the meantime, he has until May 24th to make up his mind. For now, he can just enjoy the jet set life.

Here are King Rawle’s NBA Draft Combine scrimmage highlights from day one in case you missed it:

We are enjoying following Alkins on his NBA road trip, and cannot wait to find out which team is next on his whirlwind tour. Who says the NBA Combine means nothing? Hmm??