Adia Barnes revealed on cheating in women’s college basketball

Current Arizona Wildcats women’s basketball coach Adia Barnes was interviewed by KOLD sports anchor Damien Alameda and indicated there’s cheating to a lesser degree in women’s college basketball.

All the focus of late has been on the cheating happening in men’s college basketball. Well this past week former player and coach of the Arizona Wildcats women’s team, Adia Barnes, shed some light on cheating that actually is happening within women’s college basketball, WOW!

This is one source that can be trusted! Barnes is one of the most respected and well-liked individuals to have played inside McKale Center. Plus her resume speaks for itself. During her four years, she not only became the first-ever Wildcat to Pac-10 freshman of the year, but she also set over 22 individual records!

She would go onto play in the WNBA for seven seasons for various teams, then Barnes transitioned into being the color commentator for the Seattle Storm. In 2011 she became the assistant coach for the Washington Huskies, before being named as the Wildcat’s women’s head coach in 2016.

This isn’t someone who works for ESPN or just makes up stories without checking thier facts, this is an individual who has seen cheating happen first hand. When asked by Alameda if there was some level of corruption in women’s college basketball, this is what Barnes had to say:

I think if you peel back some layers, yes you would. Not at the same level as men’s basketball or any types of mens sport, because of the finances, but for women for sure.

She would go onto say a lot of the cheating happening are small things and all they get is a “slap on the hand.” What’s even more eye-opening during the interview was Barnes indicating that even one of their own top recruits they were really going after and made an offer on was impacted by cheating. There was a different coach from another school in that player’s gym 11 days before the recruiting period. According to Barnes, that is illegal.

Barnes would also say that really weird things happen in women’s college basketball right towards the end of the recruiting period, which cause a “huge shift.”  Unbelievable. For a coach and former player to come right out and say these things is HUGE!

If what Barnes is saying is true, the NCAA has their work cut out for them. How in the world can this be happening in both the men and women’s game?! Yes, because of the financial impact of men’s basketball, they get more of the attention when it comes to accusations of cheating, but that not’s right. Women’s college basketball also needs to be held accountable for their actions.

Everyone can agree that both men and women’s college basketball needs to be cleaned up or there needs to be a change of rules and organization. What type of example is the NCAA setting if they continue to allow this. Once this college basketball season wraps up, hopefully, they will do the right thing and clean up this big mess!

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