Rondae Hollis-Jefferson voted nicest Arizona player ever

Arizona basketball fans have spoken and former Wildcat Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is the nicest Arizona player ever.

After 7 days and 1,576 votes later, Arizona basketball fans voted Rondae Hollis-Jefferson the nicest Arizona player ever. In what started as a response by a Wildcat fan saying Hollis-Jefferson and former Wildcat Ray Smith were the nicest Wildcat basketball players ever, we felt a Twitter poll was needed to decide the winner. Got to give fans the chance to voice their opinion

In response to the initial fan calling out Hollis-Jefferson and Smith, immediately other former players chimed in with their own thoughts: Ira Lee, Ray Smith and Channing Frye. Please note due to Twitter only allowing 4 spots when setting up a poll, I did leave Ira Lee out to allow our fans to submit their other nominees. Ira, we still love you!

There have been many Wildcat players since the beginning that deserve the title “nicest player ever.” Joseph Blair, A.J Bramlett, Sean Elliot, Reggie Geary, Richard Jefferson, Steve Kerr, T.J. McConnell, Matt Muehlebach and Mustafa Shakur were some of other votes that came in. All of these players more then demonstrated on the court and off their own version of what nice means.

Of course there will be those who disagree with the winner of this poll but at the end of the day it’s the fans who voted. Hollis-Jefferson ended up winning with 50% of the vote, Frye had 25 %, Smith had 12% and 13% of the vote were other nominations.

Hollis-Jefferson, who finished his fourth season with the Brooklyn Nets, has displayed many examples of what it means to be nice over the years, including this video showing his support for Team Rondae Hollis-Jefferson:

Here are the formers players reactions the got this debate going:

Whether on the sideline or on the court, Hollis-Jefferson is always having fun. How can you not love this guy?! Combining his level of athleticism and his personality makes a special person. What a great role model for kids and a great individual representing Wildcat basketball. 

At Zona Zealots, we would like to congratulate Rondae Hollis-Jefferson aka Mr. Shimmy, on earning the title of nicest player ever. We also would like to thank everyone who participated in this poll. Please let us know any future suggestions for Wildcat polls that you would like to see. Bear Down, Arizona!