Aaron Gordon robbed for a second time in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Former Wildcat and one of the greatest dunkers in the game of basketball, Aaron Gordon, was somehow robbed again during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Simply put, Aaron Gordon was robbed again from becoming the NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion. Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr put on one of the greatest finals duos in slam dunk contest history, but in the end, the outcome was shocking. Jones walked away as the champion, but the whole world of basketball believe Gordon was the obvious winner.

Back in 2016, Gordon had one of the greatest dunks ever in the slam contest when he dunked over the mascot in acrobatic fashion. But did he win, nope. Lavine won by taking off from the free-throw line. Fast forward to 2020, Gordon throws down a dunk over 7 foot 5 Tacko Fall, which should be an automatic “hand him the trophy” dunk, but Jones took off from the free-throw as well to win. Unbelievable.

Gordon received a 47 in the Tacko dunk. Dwayne Wade, Chadwick Boseman, and Scottie Pippen all gave him a 9, what! Common and Candace Parker gave 10s. It’s 2020, how these dunk contests are judges needs to be changed. The caliber of dunks that Gordon threw done, for him not to win is a head-scratcher.

If you break the two final dunks down, Gordon’s was more original plus it was over Tacko Fall! I mean, c’mon. Not to take anything away from Jones’s free-throw line dunk, but it’s been done before many times.

Yes, when Michael Jordan dunked from the free-throw line, it was amazing. But once it has been done many times since then, it should no longer be given a high score. These contest need to be rewarded more on originality, then just making a dunk we’ve all seen before.

All five dunks Gordon had were 50s, including his fourth dunk of the competition, which should have been a 60! Probably one of the greatest dunks I have ever seen, simply spectacular!


This was the Tacko Fall dunk. Please tell me how that’s not a 50!

After the contest, Gordon indicated he is no longer going to be participating in the slam dunk contest. He feels like he should have two trophies. We all agree AG, you were robbed.

Social media has been trending like crazy ever since the contest ended. Many are outraged that Gordon wasn’t the champion, including some of the great athletes across all sports:

One surprising reaction tweet came from former Wildcat and current member of the Miami Heat, Andre Iguodala. Maybe he was joking or just being a supportive teammate, who knows. But still, interesting none the less…

Iguodala wasn’t the only one who thought the right guy one. A former member of the Heat and judge Dwayne Wade, many believed switched his score to a 9 so Jones, a member of the Heat would win. One of the other judges, Common, indicated it was supposed to be a tie, but someone had other plans.

Having a former player of a team judge a contest in which a player plays for his former team, yeah that’s a good idea…not!

Let us not forget Gordon isn’t just a great dunker in the NBA, but as a former member of Arizona Basketball he knew how to get up and dunk it!


Even though Gordon didn’t win the contest, he will still go down as having two of the greatest dunks performed. He doesn’t have the title of NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion, but that shouldn’t matter. The world knows who won last night and who dunked over Tacko Fall and who didn’t. As always Bear Down, Arizona!

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