Arizona Wildcats fans could use some cheering up

Arizona Wildcats fans need something to keep them smiling and luckily for all of us, Arizona Athletics and their alumni came through in a big way!

No basketball, no football, no softball, no soccer (this is for you Kelcey Cavaro), no track, swimming or volleyball. No loud McKale Center, or any other venue where the Wildcats are playing. No baseball, no gymnastics, no Pride of Arizona playing Bear Down, or Arizona Pom, nothing. Just a big Covid-19 abyss for Arizona Wildcats fans.

Being an Arizona fan these days is tough, with COVID-19 quarantines, deaths, hospital stays, and mask wearing, it has made things even tougher as it has put a damper on every day life. For those of us not touched by the virus, it’s hard to fathom what those of us who have been touched are going through and our hearts go out to you.

The purpose of a mask is too try to not give the virus to anyone, not necessarily to protect yourself. A Scottsdale Hospitalist, Dr. Brandon Bikowski in the Tucson Sentinel tells it better and has a message specifically for Arizonians, “Please, please, stay home if you can. If you need to go out, WEAR A MASK!”

Okay, got it. So let’s make the most of this, piss off a bunch of ASU Sun Devil fans, and wear an Arizona Wildcats themed mask or covering! Especially in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe. You can find some on Fanatics with a Wildcat logo, or at the University of Arizona Bookstore online.

I was browsing my TikTok last night and came across a post that made me smile big for at least an hour. It was a simulated Facetime call, and before I realized who posted it, a bunch of my favorite former Wildcats were talking to me! You really must check it out as they have a message for fans!

Fall Sports are still on the calendar, but this should at least brighten your day a bit. Some of the football team is on campus and they are training, as they prepare for the upcoming 2020 season.

As it stands, the Pac-12 decided to only play in-conference games following the Ivy-League’s, and Big-10s decision to push out their season. However, there is still hope:

The Pac-12 CEO Group announced today that the fall season for several Pac-12 sports, including football, men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball, would schedule Conference-only games, and that it is delaying the start of mandatory athletic activities, until a series of health and safety indicators, which have recently trended in a negative direction, provided sufficient positive data to enable a move to a second phase of return-to-play activities.  The CEO Group made clear that it hopes to play football and all other fall sports provided that it can meet the health and safety needs of its student-athletes and obtain appropriate permissions from state and local health authorities.

If that’s not enough, here is some Wildcat Warrior energy to help get you through your days. As you may recall, the HAKA was led by Sani Fuimaono, including Paul Magloire, Michael Eletise, Brandon Dawkins and Cody Ippolito to name a few.

The way I look at it, perhaps we all could take on COVID-19 and life like these Wildcats did!

Heck, maybe this throwback will even make you smile…

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In closing, don’t know who will be happy about this, but for the first time, the Arizona Wildcats added the “Weber State” Wildcats to their football schedule in 2025 per Weber State will travel to Tucson, Ariz., on September 6, 2025. Woohoo! Have a great day and bear down!

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