Projecting Arizona Football's starting lineup in the 2024 season

Four months after initially projecting Arizona Football's starting lineup, we're taking another crack at who the starting 22 and top specialists will be for the 2024 season.
Oregon State v Arizona
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Over the last two weeks, we've painstakingly broken down Arizona Football's projected 2024 roster position-by-position. Factoring in transfer portal additions and losses, incoming freshmen, and players leaving for professional opportunities, we've offered a pretty in-depth look at how each room could shake out.

Now, we'll put all the pieces together to look at who the starter at each position will likely be in Year 1 of the Brent Brennan era. The three positions that will raise the most questions are the running backs, tight ends, and interior defensive line, but the vast majority of the roster looks to be in great shape aside from that.