The Return of Zo, Arizona Basketball guard Allonzo Trier keeping spirits high

Arizona fans heard a positive statement from Lute Olson on the return of Arizona Basketball guard Allonzo Trier. Fans should just be patient.

After months of promises from an Arizona Basketball paid subscription media outlet PGU (or Point Guard University), fans had grown numb to any report that there was going to be a press conference to announce Allonzo could play.

The team has pulled together with Zo cheering them on. That said, without Zo, Ray Smith, Talbott Denny and now Parker Jackson-Cartwright the team has been collecting mostly W’s. PJC is now out for seven more weeks with a high ankle sprain.

Trier’s return was imminent, we were told through social media by PGU. But his suspension has not been lifted. The bit of news we all wait for before each game has been: Would Allonzo come out for warm ups dressed in a jersey or sweats? Game after game, Arizona Daily Star Basketball guru Bruce Pascoe reported that Zo had indeed shown up in sweats and each game our hopes were dashed.

On December 18th, Pascoe had a discussion with Miller on the subject, here is the excerpt from his post:

He said that the fact that the fall semester is over “has nothing to do” with Trier’s issue, all but confirming that it is not an academic-related matter (in case anyone was still thinking it might be).

Then I asked if, since the semester is over (meaning there wouldn’t be any Academic Progress Rate implications), could Trier decide to just go ahead and sign professionally if he’s frustrated by all this?

Miller said “no.”

All the while, Trier has been extremely supportive from the bench! Maybe he got our Zona Zealots pleas for the return of a new version of the Gumby Squad.

Have the winds changed?

During Arizona’s game against Grand Canyon University on Wednesday night, yeah the game with the screaming GCU Fan who we now know goes by the name of Abbie, ESPN announcers stated numerous times that Allonzo was ‘suspended indefinitely.’

That was the last we heard on the subject, at least until today. Arizona fans now have two additional messages to ponder. Both Zo himself and legendary Arizona Basketball Coach Lute Olson spoke out today.

Lute doesn’t say definitely but refers to a possible return in this interview, he doesn’t quote sources, but we hope he knows something we don’t.

Allonzo, separately, went to Instagram to send fans another inspirational message. The message wasn’t necessarily meant to be of biblical proportion, but to fans, it may have been, “It’s only up from here I promise you just gotta wait.”

Don’t read too much into it, Zo straightened us out on our impression, it wasn’t a message. So we stand corrected from our original post.

Last week, Trier sent out a nice long hopeful and inspirational message on Twitter:

Take what you will from both comments, we are just happy he is in good spirits. Here are the facts (updated 12/19/16):

Fact 1: The second semester starts January 11th, Miller now saying Zo’s return not tied to a semester beginning

Fact 2: We have to wait.

Fact 3: We will know Zo is back when he steps foot on a basketball court before a game in uniform, preferably the new red uniform.