Arizona Basketball: Allonzo Trier, should he stay or should he go pro?


Now that Arizona Basketball has landed a top 20 recruit in Rawle Alkins, the discussion turns to Allonzo Trier and if he should stay another year, or go pro and why.

As soon as Rawle Alkins announced he was coming to the University of Arizona, Wildcats fans started including Allonzo Trier in next years team in the social media debates on the quality of next years Arizona Basketball team.

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ZonaZealots asked their followers if Zo should stay or declare to the NBA draft. The answer may surprise you because it seems quite clear his eye is on the NBA. Why wouldn’t it be? Isn’t that what motivated him to come to the UofA in the first place? That’s the reason Rawle is coming to the NBA; he stated just that in his USA Today blog:

“I think I’ll bring a toughness that they don’t see as much and, the bottom line is that I feel like I have my best chance of becoming a pro at Arizona. The other thing is that I love the Wildcat For Life program because if I’m lucky enough to go pro early, I can always come back and finish my degree.”

Sean Miller prides himself on being able to prepare his players to play in the NBA, even though he hates to see the players go and would probably enjoy his job a little more if he didn’t have to recruit each year heavily to replenish the talent. It’s a double edge sword. On the one hand, he can attract the best talent because he is so good at molding pros.

On the other hand, the best talent has their minds set before they start college on getting to the final four, winning NCAA Championship, then be taken in the top 25 of the NBA draft. These top-ranked high school recruits have the option to play overseas or go to college for one year; most opt to go to college, and have every intent to be a ‘one-and-done.’

A typical ‘one-and-done’ scenario goes a lot like this:

  1. Stellar first couple years in High School and AAU ball
  2. Transfer to a Prep or boarding school with top notch and touted basketball program to get noticed by coaches
  3. Get recruited as a sophomore or junior by a ton of schools
  4. Be awarded a spot on the McDonalds All-American team
  5. Play for the USA in the Olympics
  6. Earn four to five stars
  7. Take unofficial and official visits
  8. Make a decision, but let everyone in the world know on Twitter which schools are in their top 3 to top 5
  9. Set up a way to declare  and commit verbally to a university by:
    1. Jumping out of a plane (Deontay Anderson, football commit)
    2. Getting a spot on ESPNU (Rawle Alkins – Tie reveal)
    3. Or the Local News (Stanley Johnson – Arizona Wildcats Air Jordan reveal)
    4. Or at the McDonalds All-American game (Aaron Gordon – hat with Rondae Hollis-Jefferson in attendance)
    5. Or announcing on Twitter through an online sports broadcaster (Allonzo Trier told Evan Daniels on or directly.
  10. Play in college for one year
  11. Declare for the NBA Draft
  12. Get Drafted

We’re sure Arizona head coach Sean Miller fully expects or plans for Zo to declare for the draft. What is different for Zo than Wildcats of his caliber before him, is that he got hurt mid-season which stunted his statistics and didn’t help him get many awards. He did get on the Pac-12 All-Freshman team, so that’s something, but is it enough to declare? Only time will tell.

The majority of fans we spoke to do not think Allonzo is ready for the NBA, mostly because of his injury and maturity, and partially because Wildcats fans hate to see their players only play for one year.

Here are some of the responses from our Facebook page:

  • Nicole L. – “I hope he stays… It obviously gives him another year to grow, with him in the lineup next year plus out frosh skies the limit, and with so many good players going in this years draft, it hopefully gives him a better opportunity of being drafted higher next year.”
  • Brian B. – “He missed some time with his broken hand and with the seniors leaving, he should be the lead dog next year.”
  • A.J. – “Zo should stay. I think he will. It’s a fun ride. Why go next year when we have some exciting commits [coming]?”
  • Michael D. – “He needs to have a FULL year to showcase his true talent.”
  • Tom A. – “Stay Another Year Develop Your Game More #Beardown Allonzo.”

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Not one of the seventeen Wildcats fans who chimed in wanted him to declare, and they have a point. Maybe he will go higher in the draft if he stays and gets a full year under his belt. He could consider staying another year to play with all the talent coming in next season, he may earn an NCAA championship ring.

If he stays, Parker Jackson-Cartwright and Kadeem Allen may not get as much playing time, and then they would have to re-evaluate if they should stay or transfer to another school. If Allonzo goes, wouldn’t that open a spot for recruit Terrance Ferguson?

We know Josh Jackson is waiting until the last minute to commit. He will wait to see who is staying and who is going to leave from Kansas, Michigan State, and Arizona. Crystal Ball ( has each school’s chances as follows: Kansas at 38 percent, Arizona, and Michigan State at 29 percent.

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Whatever Allonzo and his family decide, Miller will have a plan. ZonaZealots just want our Wildcat to be happy, so if he wants to stay, fantastic. If he decides to go, he should go, or he will be miserable.

A Wildcats fan shared this with us, we thought it was appropriate..Should I Stay or Should I Go? By the Clash!

Beardown Zo!